Halad - Inasal Festival 2009

October 15, 2009

Today (October 15, 2009) is the Fiesta of Talisay City Cebu, Halad - Inasal Festival 2009. This is the annual fiesta celebration of talisay city in honor to their patron Saint Sta. Theresa de Avila. It is a showcase of lechons in various costumes and decorations.

Talisay City is very known to INASAL - a roasted crispy pig with taste of star anise; also beach resorts and swimming pools; lots of mountain parks for recreation and leisure; natural attractions of Igutan Cave found in Barrangay Jaclupan; talisay landing site - the center of guerilla intelligence operation; talisay liberation park - favorite hang-outs for the people Talisaynon’s; Managa Watershed Dam and River; Those are one of the best place and attractions that found in Talisay City.

In celebrating "Halad - Inasal Festival 2009" talisaynon will be showing some of their display of agro-industrial products, traditional thanksgiving of the patron saint and colorful dance as one graceful and peaceful talisay community. Happy Fiesta Talisay City!!!


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