Banig Festival

April 30, 2009

Badian was founded in 1746. The name Badian was derived from an edible plant called "BADYANG", which used to be very abundant in the place a long time ago.
Its oblong stalks were used to be eaten by the people then as vegetables. Eventually, it came to pass that place was reffered to as the place of many and abundant "badyang" plants. Later, the name "BADYANG" was applied to mean the entire area.

Banig Festival

Banig Festival during the ONE VISAYAS 2009

A celebration of Badian's annual fiesta, showcasing the Cebuano and Badianganon culture, tradition, delicacies and local products, especially its famous mats (banig).

Most of us must be familiar with the banig, that humble mat one spreads on a wooden or bamboo floor at night when one goes to sleep and in the morning is simply rolled to be unfurled again in the evening.

80 percent of the wives of farmers make a living from banig weaving. The process of making it is arduous beginning with the removal of thorns from the pandan plant (from which it is made), the dyeing and finally the weaving into the humble banig.

Because it is such a tedious process making it yet pitching only a very cheap price, children of weavers frown on it as a means of livelihood. They prefer instead to work in the city as domestic helpers and factory workers.


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